Rent Estimator

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Benefits of using our Rent Estimator tool

Maximize Rental Revenue
Keep your vacancy rates low and attract quality tennants by optimally pricing your property
Don't Overpay for Rent
Be armed with knowledge and know what similar properties go for in your area to not overpay for your rent
Minimize Risk
Do your due-diligence before investing in a property to make sure it will perform well and will cash flow as expected
  1. Know exactly how much a property can rent for

    Use the rent estimator to instantly get an accurate AI-powered estimate of how much any property can rent for. Access a variety of other rental metrics for any address, city, or zip code such as the total price range, the average & median price, and the 25th and 75th percentile of rental prices in the area.

  2. Quickly get all of the comparables

    Get a list of all similar properties and their rent prices in a custom area based on residence type, bedroom count, bathroom count, and living area size. Set a custom lookback period and analyze rented properties up to 48 months back.

  3. Get a pulse on the market

    Quickly get a deep understanding of what is happening with rental trends in your market. View current and historical trends and get a breakdown of price by size and year built, days on the market, appreciation rates, trends by bedroom and bathroom count, popular amenities, and much more.


How to use our Rent Estimator

Rent Estimator by Address

Select the rent estimator by address to view the rental trends of a specific property and the surrounding area. You can narrow your search by the type of property and number of beds and baths.

Rent Estimator by Zip Code

Use the Ofirio rent estimator by zip code to see what rental trends are happening in your area. Fine tune your search by adjusting the lookback period

Rent Estimator by City

Select the rent estimator by city to view trends and rental market statistics. Download the rent estimator report to save for offline use.


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Questions & Answers

How do I price my rental?

The amount you should charge for rent depends on the market and what other similar properties are being rented for. Use our free rent estimator to determine the most optimal rental price for your property, so your property does not sit vacantly and you dont miss out on potential revenue. 

What determines the rental price of a property?

The rental price depends on what similar properties are going for, location, features and ammenities, living area size, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Use the Ofirio rent estimator free to view similar properties in your area to determine the optimal rental price for your property. 

What can I do to find a tennant quickly?

The rental price of the property is one of the main factors that determines how quickly you can find a tennant. The lower the price the higher the chances that you will find a tennant quickly. Use the Ofirio rent estimator tool to determine the most optimal price for your property. 

How can I find a good deal on a rental?

The best way to find a good deal on a rental is to use the Ofirio rental finder. We automatically filter millions of properties and show you the best deals in every neighborhood based on the property size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, and other factors. 

When should I raise or lower my rent price?

The best time to adjust the price of your rental is when the average prices of similar properties have deviated significantly from your current rental price. To view rental trends in your area use the ofirio rent cost estimator tool to quickly get a deep understanding of any market. 

How do I use the rent assessment calculator?

Begin your search by selecting the desired search type - address, zip code, or city. Customize your search by selecting the lookback period, the number of beds and baths, as well as the property type. Click “Analyze” to get a detailed rent report for your desired location. View rent averages, see similar properties and their rent ranges, view various rental market statistics, and more.