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  1. Find a Property for Sale

    Filter millions of properties in seconds. Search by advanced criteria such as Cash Flow, Cash on Cash Return, Capitalization Rate, Estimated Rent, and many other critical investment specifications.

  2. Rent Estimator

    Get accurate and detailed rent estimates for any address, city, or zip code to understand how much rental income a property can generate and how it compares to other surrounding properties.

  3. Investment Calculator

    Tailor any income or expense to understand how the investment will perform. Edit assumptions such as vacancy allowance, property appreciation rate, rental income appreciation, management fees, and many more.

  4. Investment Forecast

    Get a detailed financial report that includes the full projected performance of the property over its lifetime. See how much wealth the property will generate taking everything into account, including property appreciation, cash flow, mortgage paydown, and much more.

  5. Close the Deal

    Once you select a property, contact an agent for assistance with the transaction.

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