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Questions & Answers

What is Ofirio?

Ofirio provides comprehensive tools to easily find and invest in high-return properties tailored to your needs. Learn more about us.

How does Ofirio help me find great deals on properties?

Ofirio utilizes machine learning to show you the best investment opportunities and provide you with the ability to filter by advanced investment criteria such as Cap Rate, Cash on Cash Return, IRR, and more. 

What geographical areas does Ofirio analyze?

Ofirio analyzes properties throughout the United States. 

How much money do I need to start investing?

The amount that you need to start investing varies depending on the property and whether you plan to pay in cash or with financing. Ofirio makes things easy - use our investment calculator to see how much money will be needed upfront. 

Can Ofirio evaluate rent prices?

Ofirio uses artificial intelligence to review, analyze and compare millions of current and historical data points providing you with the most accurate rent estimates. 

Can Ofirio calculate property expenses?

Ofirio takes into account property taxes, HOA fees, insurance, vacancy, and other expenses - allowing you to calculate and personalize based on your investment needs. 

How to get started?

To get started create a free account!

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