Best Place to Live in Orlando, Florida for Families

Best Place to Live in Orlando, Florida for Families

Nick Polyushkin / 5 minutes read / Jan 23, 2023
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Region and geography are the most critical elements in real estate investing. Housing market demand rises and falls, structures can be torn down or repaired, and even macroeconomic conditions change to make investing more attractive or less practical.

The perennial wisdom? If your investment property is a $1M mansion in a middle-of-nowhere economic dead zone with no schools and crumbling municipal infrastructure, you own a $1M paperweight. Sure, it may not actively decrease in value. Still, you won’t have the longevity of capital gains or reliable rental cash flow that you would in a regionally optimized market.

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Orlando

The name of Florida state alone conjures images of palm trees, space exploration, and Disney. Another common thread? Not only are these all in the same state, but they’re also clustered around the same region – Orlando, Florida. Orlando is rapidly becoming a primary southern hub for relocation, but many have trouble finding the best place to live in Orlando Florida for families. 

There’s no doubt that Orlando, Florida, is a fantastic place to live. And, whether you’re looking for a new home or a new investment property, Ofirio is here to help. To get you started on your tropical adventure to Florida, we’ve rounded up the best places to live in Florida, Orlando.

Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando is quickly earning its place as one of the most popular and rising urban spots in the southeast. As more industry moves into Orlando and the surrounding areas, Downtown Orlando is the best place to live in Orlando Florida area and a hot spot for young professionals and families to start their lives. Already bustling, new coffee shops, bars, and shopping areas are springing up in downtown Orlando daily. The site is growing quickly, but it isn’t too late to grab a piece of a future Floridian metropolis that saves much of the southern charm and relaxed atmosphere that are hallmarks of the area.

Winter Park

Homebuying in Winter Park is excellent if you’re a newer family, especially with young children. More affordable than downtown Orlando, Winter Park still boasts many of the local amenities and culture while still very close to the theme parks and the city-like feel of Orlando’s downtown. Winter Park is the best place to live in Orlando Florida for families interested in a starter home or renting to build a nest egg before moving to larger spaces. It’s also great for older couples who want to retire in relative peace near one of the many golf courses but remain close to city life.


Maitland has a varied mix of residents, from young professionals and families to more-established careerists and retirees. What sets Maitland apart, though, is its school zoning. Maitland is the best place to live in Florida near Orlando as it is zoned for some of the best schools in the region and boasts a shockingly low 16:1 teacher/student ratio. This means that the well-paid teachers in Maitland can give schoolchildren of all ages personalized attention to enable success.


Celebration is genuinely one of a kind and the best place to live in Orlando if you’re a Disney fanatic or dream of a past era of community. Originally bought and developed by the Walt Disney Company, Celebration is the preeminent planned community in Orlando, Florida. The community as a whole is walkable, including the charming downtown area, to cement the small-town feeling. It wouldn’t be Disney without some fanfare, and residents can enjoy seasonal celebrations and festivals year-round.

Winter Garden

More established or affluent families will love Winter Garden. Featuring a whole host of new gated communities, there are many existing options for interested homeowners, but ongoing development also means you can be one of the last to snag a custom new build in the area – for a steal, considering how new the site is and how quickly property values are skyrocketing throughout Orlando!


A tiny community of only around 3,000 residents situated around stunning lakeside views, Windermere makes up in wealth and prestige what it lacks in size. Windermere is the best place to live in Orlando, Florida and one of the safest areas. A planned community like Celebration, Windermere targets a more sophisticated, urbanite set rather than suburb-seeking families. If you’re an affluent family who wants the kids to grow up in an intimate and secluded Orlando oasis, then Windermere’s lakeside properties are compelling. Windermere is also a practical investment option, as the limited size of the community means that no new development is on the horizon.

Baldwin Park

Families who value active time together will love Baldwin Park. As the name implies, Baldwin Park is an idyllic and sprawling community with equally well-developed walking and biking paths throughout its many community parks. Baldwin Park is a crucial choice for country transplants working in Orlando. The spacious yards make Baldwin Park property values prime to skyrocket as the city expands and encroaches on peripheral suburbs.

Lake Mary

Lake Mary, one of the furthest from the city center on our list, is an up-and-coming community developing into a small town of its own. Aside from city-based working professionals who don’t mind a longer commute, Lake Mary is attracting its share of business headquartering, including global consulting firm Deloitte and AT&T. This new influx of business is accelerating Lake Mary’s growth – a home in Lake Mary today will be part of a bustling small city in just a few years, especially as more cultural and entertainment companies move into the downtown. 

Lake Nona

Right on the city’s periphery and minutes from Orlando International Airport, Lake Nona is prime real estate for families that don’t mind a little noise tradeoff for centralized living without sky-high city living expenses. Lake Nona is also prized real estate based on its proximity to much of Orlando’s medical infrastructure – there will always be renters as students from the UCF Nursing College or residents at the Children’s Hospital move in and out of the community. And, minutes away from these and other world-class healthcare facilities, Lake Nona is an excellent choice for family members with medical concerns.


Sanford embodies the rustic culturalism of many small Southern towns. Despite being so close to the airport and city center, Sanford’s historic downtown and riverwalk are like a step out of the city into any small town. Like any historical market, the old and historic homes throughout Sanford comprise a red-hot real estate market due to zoning restrictions limiting new builds in the area. Anyone who wants to reclaim some hometown nostalgia while keeping modernity close at hand would find Sanford one of the best places to live in Orlando


Questions & Answers

Where Should I Not Live in Orlando?

Certain areas immediately outside the amusement park complexes are probably not ideal locations to live in Orlando. There tends to be some crime in these areas, but the real downside is living with tourists and inexperienced drivers throughout your daily areas. 

What is the Nicest Suburb of Orlando?

Celebration is the nicest suburb of Orlando and the best place to live in the villages of Orlando Florida. Since the entire community was designed to be ideal, Celebration has neighbor and resident experience at the top of the priority list. This also means that few changes will disrupt your daily life, and if changes are required, they're vetted and centrally planned through community management. 

Where do the Rich Live in Orlando, FL?

Historically, the wealthiest families and professionals in Orlando lived in Windermere. It's one of the friendliest and safest neighborhoods but small – as Orlando grows, more of the increasingly wealthy residents are relocating to Lake Nona to snag some prime lakeside property before the rest of the world catches on to the potential. 

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