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We are on a mission to help smart investors invest smarter, save time, and grow their wealth quickly

How It All Started

Our journey began back in 2014. We were a group of friends and real estate investors who wanted to do well with our properties, acquiring and renting them out. We had no idea that this ambition would later grow to become Ofirio. As we invested in real estate ourselves, we ran into a big problem: we realized just how extremely time consuming and complicated it was to find a good deal. We were using several separate tools and keeping track of all of the research with spreadsheets. We knew there was a better way! As the saying goes, “if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself” - and so we built the most comprehensive set of real estate investment tools that are backed by real-time data and artificial intelligence - everything we desperately wished we had during all those years of research. Now we bring these tools to you, to help you save your time, invest smarter, and grow your wealth quicker. Everything we do is a labor of love - by real estate people for real estate people.

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Was founded with the purpose to maximize your return on investment.
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